• Dental Diagnosis    

  • x-Rays                                               

  • Filings/Bridges/Crowns             

  • Treats and manages overall oral health

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At Dundas Dental and Hygiene Clinic, we are known for our gentle touch, effective care, and compassionate approach.


We are a group of General Dentist, Specialist Dentist and Independent Dental Hygienists that get to know you and your family on an individual basis. In this way, we can more accurately recommend the treatments that are most suitable for adults and children alike

For every treatment, we strive to create a solid foundation for a lifetime of dental health. Our patient relationships are built on honesty and trust, and we only recommend treatments that are necessary for your continued good oral health.

We understand that finances are also an important consideration in your dental care. We offer innovative and affordable care which is in your best interest.


Our Dental Hygiene services (cleaning and stain removals) are billed under the ODHA (Ontario Dental Hygiene Association) Fee Guide. The fees in this guide are already set 10-30% below those found in the traditional ODA (Ontario Dental Association) fee guide

We accept all dental insurance plans and have extended hours to suit your lifestyle. 




Preventative Dentistry 
  • Personalized dental hygiene (teeth cleaning) therapies and maintenance intervals 

  • Teeth polishing/ stains removal and fluoride treatment if needed 

  • Utilizing the latest technologies and providing a calm environment to alleviate any pain and anxiety that may occur during treatment 

  • Desensitizing products can be provided during hygiene appointment for your comfort

  • Dental Diagnosis 

  • Digital X-Rays

  • White Fillings 

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Kid-Friendly

  • Vegan, gluten-free, and  minimum sensitivity (FDA Approved) 

  • Discounted Touch-ups 

  • Free in-office Consultation 

          *Whitening Results may vary*

  • Dental implants replace broken, rotten, and missing teeth permanently.

  • You need your whole mouth assessed to ensure that the implant won’t fail

  • Price per tooth can range anywhere from $1000-$6000

*Free Consultation*


  • Excessive tooth decay, tooth infection, and crowding can all require a tooth extraction

  • Teeth that are broken, below the gum line, or impacted require a more involved procedure.

  • Our Dentist is experienced in performing many complicated extractions (impacted Wisdom teeth) 

  • The cost per extraction can range anywhere from $200-$400 depending on the state of the tooth and position. 



Years of Comboned Experience


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Master Certifications


Happy Staff

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Dr. Bekesch


Dr. Bekesch completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery program at University of 

Toronto in 1975. As a proud member of the RCDSO, Dr. Bekesch has been practicing dentistry and is highly known for his amazing cosmetic work. Along with being a reliable Dentist in regards to any of your dental needs, he has a wonderful sense of humor, lots of fun stories, and most of all appreciate building a bond with his patients. He is known to make patients calm and relaxed during any dental procedure, as well as making sure the patient has a full understanding of their dental work, along with leaving the clinic happy with their results. 


Dental Hygienist

Kathy went to Confederation College for Dental Hygiene program in 2014. Before attending dental school, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree at McMaster University. As a self-initiated Dental Hygienist, Kathy takes the time to know her patients and their oral hygiene needs and she helps her patients find the best way to achieve their oral health on an individual basis. She is known to provide gentle and thorough care, which makes your hygiene appointment stress-free.

Clinical Coordinator

Chloe started her Dental journey in 2017 as an Administrative Assistant. As her experience progressed and her love for client care grew, Chloe has taken on the role of Clinic Coordinator to enhance patients' understanding and care at our practice. She's experienced in insurance coordination and customer service. Chloe is the best person to reach out to regarding any of your financial or dental needs. Her goal is to make you feel welcomed, cared for, and have a good understanding of any concerns or questions you may have. 



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